How To: Export Probe Data To Excel

How do I export probe data from AquacheckWeb to Excel

End users often want to extract probe data in order to do additional data analysis in table or graph format for inclusion in annual reports. The ‘’Export to Excel’’ function tool can be used for this purpose and will generate a .xls file which can then be opened in Excel.


How to do this:

1. Select the desired profile and navigate to the profile page by clicking on the pen-and-pencil icon (located next to the profile drop-down list).

2. Select the ‘’Technical” tab and navigate to the ‘’Export to Excel’’ tab.

3. Use the Search function to choose your data range. For better performance, keep the total range below 12 months.





4. An Excel export file (.xls file format) will be generated after activating the ‘’Export to Excel’’ tab.  


Export to Excel Foto 2.jpg


5. Go to your computer's ‘’Downloads’’ folder and open the file. The Excel spreadsheet will contain all the half hourly data of soil moisture content and soil temperature for each of the individual probe sensors.

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