How To : Activate 3rd Party Export


Activating Data Export to 3rd Party Software inside AquaCheckWEB


  1. Select a Profile from the main window.
  2. Click on the yellow pencil to Edit the Profile.
  3. Open Hardware.
  4. Check the Export Data box.
  5. A list of possible exports will appear.
  6. Select the export you want to activate and click on Edit.
  7. In the Edit Data Export Profile window, click on Active.
    1. Export Profile Name : The name of the service to where the data will be exported.
    2. Active : Enable or disable the selected Profile export.
    3. Start date : From which date the data should be exported. All available data between the Start date and current date will be exported during the first export.
    4. End date : Data will be exported up to the selected date. This date should should fall within the Profile’s Start and End date selection.
    5. Last Export Date : Indicate the last date and time of data exported to 3rd Party Software. To re-export data again, set the date to the desired date to start the export again.
  8. Click Save when done.
  9. The column marked Active will change to Yes for the selected export.
  10. The export will start at the next export cycle as agreed with the 3rd Party Software administrator
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