How To : Rebuild data with more than one device in a PROFILE


If more than one hardware telemetry device (DevID) is used in a Profile setup inside AquaCheckWEB, some data are lost or does not show on the graphs after the DataID is changed.


This might be caused by not using the correct START and END date during the REBUILD option inside AquaCheckWEB.


If two or more DevID’s  were used in a single PROFILE it is possible to use the REBUILD option to format the data tables for the specific PROFILE.

The REBUILD option is available inside the PROFILE Edit window under the Technical Tab. You will need Agronomist rights to AquaCheckWEB to access this section.

To REBUILD the missing data, please follow these steps:

  1. Inside the Configuration Tab, go to Hardware.
  2. Change the DataID to the desired serial number (DevID) of the Telemetry device for which you want to do a REBUILD. In this example we want to REBUILD data for DevID 123456 for the dates between 13/06/2015 and 11/09/2015.
    • 3.JPG
  3. Now go to Technical Tab and click on Data, then click on Rebuild Steps.
    • 2.JPG
  4. Select the specific START and END dates for the period when DevID in Configuration > Hardware was used.
    • 1.JPG
  5. Be careful to select the exact dates to correspond to the dates when this specific DevID was used.
  6. Now click on either
    1. Run – this process will do the REBUILD immediately and use the resources of your local computer. Be carefull not to close the window or cancel the process before it has finished since this will stop the REBUILD process.
    2. Run in Background – This option will put the REBUILD task in a que on the server to be done when the server’s resources are available to do the task. Depending on the number of PROFILES in the que, this may take between a minute and up to about an hour to complete. During this Background REBUILD you may continue to do other work inside AquaCheckWEB or schedule another PROFILE for a REBUILD.
  7. Once the REBUILD process for this specific DevID and date range is complete, go back to the Configuration > Hardware section.
  8. Change the Data ID to the next number to do a REBUILD.
  9. Follow steps 3 to 6 above for the next Data ID.
  10. Once all REBUILD processes are completed, make sure to have the correct Data ID inside Configuration > Hardware to allow the PROFILE to capture new data uploaded to the system.
  11. After a REBUILD, allow up to 1 hour for the Irrigation Recommendation Table to auto update. To do an immediate update on the Irrigation Recommendation Table, go to Configuration > Irrigation Recommendation and click on Refresh.
    • 4.JPG
  12. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for as many DevID's as needed.


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