Instructions : Setup of CropGraph Software

Installation Instructions for CropGraph Software

A.    Download CropGraph Installer Files

Open your web browser and enter the address :

Select the Login or Sign Up link (located above the menu bar) to open the Login / sign up page.

If you are a first time user, enter your name and email address.

Verify your sign up request by entering the two security words and then click Sign Me Up!

You will receive a welcome email at the email address you entered in the sign up form. Click the link in the email to create a password and log in to the help desk.

Once logged in on the Helpdesk you may click on the Forums Page

Under Product : Software, go to Setup : CropGraph 3.5.9 and save this file to your computer

Also download the necessary drivers for your Basic Wireless Logger

For the BIIIW Logger using a direct USB port, go to Product : AquaCheck Basic III Logger and dowload the Drivers : AquaCheck Basic III Logger

For BIIW Loggers using a USB2Serial converter cable, go to Product : Other and download the necessary drivers for your operating system.


B.    Installing Software

RUN the CropGraph 3.5.9.MSI file from your computer.

Go to Start > All Programs > AquaCheck and click on Install SoftComplex.

Open the CropGraph program from your Desktop and click on Info > ProductKey.

Complete the necessary information and click on OK.

The program will be active for 7 days after first installation.


C.    Registering your program

During the 7 day registration period you may send the necessary information to AquaCheck for processing of a valid ProductKey.

The information may be sent to AquaCheck by using one of the following ways:

  1. e-Mail License : This will attach all the necessary information to your default e-Mail program’s Outbox ready to be sent the next time you choose Send/Receive from your e-Mail program. Send this e-Mail message to
  2. Print License : A printout can be made of the license agreement. Sign and fax a copy of the document to +27 21 975 1254 for processing. A copy of this document may also be scanned and sent via e-Mail to
  3. Export (txt) : When the program is installed on a PC that has no printer or e-mail facilities you may use the Export function to save the localsettings.txt file to a removeable disk. E-Mail the file localsettings.txt to  from another PC.

In return you will receive an email message from that will have all the relevant information to activate your software.

D.    Help needed

If you need any assistance with the activation procedure, please send us a request on


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