How To: Assign Different Access Rights (roles)

Assign different access rights (roles) to end users

Depending on the role of the individual in the farming enterprise, they might only be interested in the final output data. In other instances, end users may be more involved and want to make specific changes to fine-tune the irrigation management.

The Dealer can assign these rights/roles himself without contacting Aquacheck Services for assistance. Roles can be allocated when a new client user account is created or by editing an existing account.



How to use this:

On the Home page, select the Client and click on the pencil icon. A new page will open. Navigate to the Accounts tab, select and Edit the chosen account. Navigate to the ROLE function and choose between 1) View Only, 2) Standard User and 3) Agronomist.






Wat are the differences between the three roles:

View Only

  1. Essential information can be viewed, including the Irrigation Recommendation on the Profile page and all the data Graphs.
  2. However, no editing can be done.


Standard User

  1. The Profile page shows the Irrigation Recommendation and the Hardware tabs information which can be edited.
  2. All graphs are shown. Th Root Zone graphs management lines (URAW and LRAW) can also be edited.



  1. The full range of Profile page options are available: Irrigation Recommendation, Hardware, Agronomy, Root Distribution, Root Zones and Cultivar. Contents can be edited.
  2. All graphs are shown. Management lines of the Root Zone graphs can also be edited.
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